Full Money Chaingers Outline

The Money Chaingers outline is designed for you if you are serious about understanding Bitcoin.

It is not very much about the actual how-to’s of buying Bitcoin or trading cryptocurrencies. It is about understanding what Bitcoin is, the problems it solves, how it solves those problems, and what it will look and feel like to go from a world where we use fiat currencies to a world where we use cryptocurrencies.

I think of the outline as a “living book.” A method of publishing where I can keep making videos and flowering out whatever part of the outline is most important right now. All while keeping the newest, most elaborate ideas rooted in the very basics.

If you would like access to the full outline for life, I’m asking for a one time contribution of $100.

If you aren’t happy with your purchase I’ll gladly refund it within 30 days.

If you are serious about learning Bitcoin and aren’t able to pay $100, please contact me.