YouTube Creators

This a list of YouTube creators whose content we recommend consuming. We certainly don’t endorse everything anyone says, but these people all produce lots of good content!


Clicking on their name will open their channel in the same tab, clicking on their picture will open their channel in a new tab.



Andreas M. Antonopoulos is THE man. He has been traveling the world doing an incredible amount of work to build this new system. He is doing interviews, AMAs, writing books, conferences, pretty much everything. There can’t be very many humans who have done more for this space than Mr. Antonopoulos.

He has a very good understanding of the big picture and is fantastic at communicating it.


Ivan on Tech


Ivan on Tech is awesome! A Swedish guy who was a software developer before learning about cryptos, he has been educating about cryptos for a while. He does a really good job breaking complex concepts down and making them understandable. He’s at the top of our recommendations, take that for what you will.


Cedric Dahl


Cedric Dahl is a very smart man. He generally makes short, to the point videos that get across big, important ideas.


The Keiser Report


Max Keiser is a big name in the financial space. In 1999 was granted a patent (5,950,176) on an automated securities trading software that he since sold and that is still in use on Wall Street. He’s been very involved for a long time.

Now he is the interviewer/personality of the Keiser Report, addressing political and monetary issues.

Max was telling people to buy Bitcoin when it was $3. Damn I wish I heard and listened!!

Please notice that this link goes to a playlist not a channel, the last video on the playlist is the newest episode of The Keiser Report.


The Dollar Vigilante


Jeff Berwick is The Dollar Vigilante. The founder of Anarchapulco, an anarchist, economic commentator, and another guy who was recommending to buy Bitcoin when it was only $3!


Arcane Bear


Tijo Gaucher is another very smart man. He’s another guy looking at this space and movement from a very big picture view. His interviews and content are wide ranging and well worth your time!

clif high


Clif high is the self proclaimed inventor of Predictive Linguistics – a very unique and interesting (art/science?) of collecting massive amounts of linguistic data from the internet and making predictions based on trends in language. Learn more here:

clif high is definitely not a high volume YouTube producer, it’s not his main thing by any means, but the content he does put out is usually packed!

He is also the cornerstone of the Three Amigos as well as doing plenty of fantastic interviews all over YouTube. Be careful on this though as lots of people have copied and pasted his content. Starting in the middle of an interview and no video are clues that it’s BS.




Bix Weir is the main man at RoadtoRoota. He used to be in the banking world, learned the system from the inside. Now he does his “Horn of Zees” videos regularly (Cup of Coffee), commenting on the crypto space and the chainges that cryptos are bringing to money and humanity. The RoadtoRoota theory is virtually unheard of except for from Bix, but it’s published on the Federal Reserve’s website – pretty interesting stuff.

Bix is also one of the Three Amigos.




jsnip4 mainly focuses on cryptos with some economic news mixed in. He is definitely an individual, singing random songs, interviewing psychics, having fun and being a goof.

For years he made three videos almost every day, each one commenting on an article from He’s also been promoting Clif High’s work for a long time. As cryptos blew up recently so did jsnip4. He has done some interviews with ICOs, recently with psychic mediums and such, runs where he works with “Trader J” to teach trading, and definitely my favorite and maybe most famously – jsnip4 is one of the Three Amigos, these videos are found on his channel.