Individual Crypto Analysis

The is the most time consuming – and in my opinion least important – part of our website.


That said, this is a very rough draft version of this page, we will continue to add to it. Right now it is simply a list of links to YouTube playlists, loosely organized by which videos we think do the best job analyzing individual cryptos.


Please though, for your sake, learn the fundamentals first. Everybody wants to make money – the best way to do that is to know the fundamentals. If you just run out and try to find the best crypto without wrapping your head around the technology first, I can almost guarentee that you will get burned.


If you get a good grasp on the fundamentals you will almost for sure have more success making money, and you will for sure sleep better at night. Trying to sleep when you have money in stuff you know nothing about is very stressful!